Playing been in front of a buffalo

Traditionally, Cow has been revered by Indians. On the other hand, bhains ( water buffalo) has not received a similar treatment though it is in all respects, similar to a cow, apart from looks.
Cow is fair and smooth in looks, bhains is dark and hairy, that is what may have been held against the bhains by the ancient Indians. This shows the discrimination on the basis of colour and skin, that was prevalent in the past.

Not only was a bhains not given the same exalted status as a cow, it was in fact made a butt of jokes and ridicule.Ancients made it out to be the vaahan of Yamraj. One Asura was depicted as a Bhains and called Bhainsasur.If we look at the Hindi muhawaras,bhains has been ridiculed much more than even a donkey. Just look at the muhawaras:
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Pillion riding in India

Now that Tata have announced Nano, their Rs one lakh car, will that spell doom for the two wheeler industry? I hope not. It is not just the affordability factor. There are other factors that makes two wheelers, especially motor bikes such a great machine to have. I am not just talking about going from one place to the other even via narrow by lanes, from under the closed level crossing gates, poor roads etc. I am talking of the human factor, especially the human who sits behind on the pillion.

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The fourth department of cricket

If you believe coaches and other experts, then a good cricket team is one which excels in three departments of the game. Viz;


Professional teams pay attention to all the three departments. Not so professional teams, those who live in the past, think that fielding is a new age fad, a passing one, and they firmly believe that batting and bowling is all that is needed to win matches. Then there are those teams which go a step further. They believe that even bowling is a waste of time and effort, and that a team only needs to concentrate on batting to win matches. And funnily enough, this particular team employs coaches for bowling and fielding, and these coaches are hardly ever required to break a sweat by that team.
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