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Long sentence part 2 ( continuation of part 1)

My long sentence in part 1 was 2067 words long and was incomplete. I continued from where I had left off, and the long sentence became 4041 words long at the end, with one more part yet to come. I … Continue reading

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Long sentence part 1

Few of us, members of a forum, came to know that there are some authors who have written very long sentences and have entered into record books. Following facts were brought to our notice- “Some facts about long sentences * … Continue reading

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Watching English movies in 1970s

I had posted my experience of watching Bollywood movies in 1970s. Everyone in India did that. But they were not the only kinds of movies. There were “English” movies as well that would get released in some movie halls. Watching … Continue reading

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Watching Bollywood movies in 1970s

Watching Bollywood movies in 1970s and earlier was an altogether different experience from what it is now a days. These movies were virtually the only affordable means of entertainment for Indian public.And it was a suppliers’ market those days as … Continue reading

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Cricket experts

Considering that there are many different kinds of cricket experts, classifying them into various categories is a Herculean task. In fact, legend has it that the first person to try it got so confused that he gave up the exercise … Continue reading

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Playing been in front of a buffalo

Traditionally, Cow has been revered by Indians. On the other hand, bhains ( water buffalo) has not received a similar treatment though it is in all respects, similar to a cow, apart from looks. Cow is fair and smooth in … Continue reading

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Pillion riding in India

Introduction Now that Tata have announced Nano, their Rs one lakh car, will that spell doom for the two wheeler industry? I hope not. It is not just the affordability factor. There are other factors that makes two wheelers, especially … Continue reading

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